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Song of the Livid Spike
ID: 172 Status: Closed
- Description -

This is a Closed Song, meaning that anyone who wishes to request a breeding with the members must specifically ask for and obtain my permission, as well as the permission of the mare's owner.

If you have a mare potentially interested in joining this Song, please be aware: Spike is not a nice creature. In fact, he is a downright mean and nasty sort of guy. Only a very strong-willed mare would be able to live in his territory for any extended period. Sa'krien, Desert, and ground-bound Samanayrs are potentially welcome. He isn't as fond of 'flitters', as he calls those with wings. Drop me a line through the forum or email me to talk.

- Lead Stallion -
Spike of the Arid Scale
Owned by Jennalyn
- Lead Mare -
Fang of the Angry Storm
Owned by SunBlind

- Mares -
Drought of the Shaded Oasis
Owned by Xenon
Pursuit of Autumn's Hunter
Owned by LvSoulFriend
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