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Thank you for your interest in Samanayrs! We're a very laid-back group but there are a few rules to observe if you'd like to participate.

  1. To adopt you do need to be a member of the Samanayr forum.
  2. To manage your Samanayrs and Songs, you should have an account in the database. Each person can only have one database account.
  3. A Samanayr on a webpage must link back to the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings. A Samanayr on a PI presentation must link to either the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings or Sushidragon's presentation.
  4. Do not take Samanayrs from the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings or other peoples' Samanayr pages. They have already been adopted and are not available.
  5. Each person may only enter each contest or event once, unless otherwise specified. Do not enter events with subaccounts/alterative accounts in addition to your main account.
  6. You may alter the images of your own Samanayrs to make a forum avatar or icon. You may also alter, with permission from their respective adopters, the Samanayr images of the members of a Song that you host to use on the Song page. Please ask before altering your Samanayr images in any other way.
  7. You are very welcome to draw your Samanayrs or commission art of them! I would appreciate a link back to the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings if this art is posted online, though.



Expedition HQ






How do I adopt a Samanayr?
Samanayrs can be won in events and contests, bred in breeding seasons, and purchased in sales, auctions, and customs. You can see what events are happening on the Samanayr forum.

Can Samanayrs be traded, gifted, or sold?
Currently Samanayrs cannot be traded or sold, but they can be gifted to other people.

Do I have to be a member of PI to adopt Samanayrs?

If I leave PI, can I keep my Samanayrs?
Of course! You don't need to be a member of PI to adopt Samanayrs.

If I adopt a Samanayr, do I get to name it or will it already have a name?
Samanayrs mostly come already named. You have the option of naming bred foals and customs.

Why are all Samanayrs names like "____ of the ____"?
This naming pattern was established years ago when the Samanayrs were first created. I can't remember why I decided to have the naming system that way, but there it is, and we can't break with tradition now!

Can other people ever create new Samanayr species?
Yep! You may have the chance to create a new species as a custom, in a contest, or using Modiems in a breeding. The creation of new species is still a relatively rare occurrence, however.

Can I use my Samanayr images in a video, slideshow, or picture and then post it on YouTube or elsewhere?
Please ask before using your Samanayr images in projects like that. Currently Samanayr images can only be shown on your adoptables webpage or presentation, or used as an avatar.

How do Samanayrs acquire their special traits and/or markings?
Wild-born Samanayrs (those adopted out with wild or unknown parentage) are born with their markings and traits. Bred Samanayrs inherit markings and traits from their parents, and can develop new traits and markings if Modiems are used. Spontaneous mutations of traits, colors, and markings can also occur.

It's thought that some traits developed naturally, and others were crafted magically. Some species have traits and colors that evolved based on their environment. For example, Desert Samanayrs have shorter fur, large splayed hooves for walking on sand or loose soil, and large ears to help cool them off.

Are there animated Samanayrs? How can I get one?
There are some animated Samanayrs that do things like blink their eyes. Simple animations like an eyeblink are sometimes offered for existing Samanayrs, either for free or for a small fee.

Full animations, such as a tail being flicked, are much rarer and not offered very often. A Samanayr will usually be created with a full animation rather than one being applied to an already-existing Samanayr.

Are some species rarer than others?
Yep! The rarity of each species is included on the species page.

How can you tell for sure which breed a Samanayr is?
A Samanayr's breed is shown on its cert and also listed with its information in the database.

What do I have to do to get a rare Samanayr, like a Misery or a Mystery?
Rare Samanayrs are offered much less frequently than the more common Samanayrs. Some species have breeding restrictions and special requirements. For example, a Misery is only able to join a Song with some RP explaining why they would deign to join a Song in the first place, and a Mystery will also only result after some extensive RPing. For more information on specific species requirements, see the species page.

If there's a particular species you're interested in, please just ask!

Do Samanayrs have any magical or special abilities?
Some Samanayrs do have special abilties. These are usually based on traits or species. For more information on specific abilities, see the species and traits pages.

Expedition HQ

What is the Expedition HQ?
The Headquarters for Sharian-Samanayr Exchange and Expeditions, or Expedition HQ, was created fairly recently as a way for Samanayrs and Sharians to interact and trade. Samanayrs can go out in search of small items that the Sharians need, and trade them to the Sharians for magical and special items.

What's an expedition? How do I go on one?
In-character, an expedition is a group of Samanayrs heading out together to explore the area and collect items. Sometimes expeditions are accompanied by a Sharian to protect the Samanayrs from predatory Oquiesas and other threats.

Out-of-character, an expedition is a way to win and collect items! It might take the form of a random game, little RP, or some other event.

What kind of things can I do at the HQ?
The HQ is the place to trade items, see what the items you have do, and sign up and go on expeditions. Some activites require membership on the Samanayr forum. For more information on each of these, please visit the Expedition HQ.

I got an equippable item, how do I equip it?
Items can be equipped on the 'do stuff for me' board in the forum!

How do I know what items I have?
You can find your items in your inventory in your database account.


How many times can mares and stallions breed?
A stallion can breed once per breeding season with every mare in his Song. A mare can breed once per breeding season with her Song's stallion.

What is needed to breed Samanayrs?
The only requirements are a stallion and mare in the same Song! If you don't own both the mare and stallion, permission is also required from the Samanayr's owner. Any other breeding items are optional.

What is the chance for twins or triplets?
Twins are quite rare, and only occur naturally once in every 20 or so births. Triplets are even rarer, and only one or two cases of natural triplets has ever been documented. The chance of twins or triplets can also be influenced by modiems or other items.

When breeding two different species, what species will the baby be?
If two different species are bred, the resulting foal will be a hybrid of the two species. Since it will have features and traits from both parents, mixed-breed foals are usually referred to as a hybrid of their parents. For example, if a Northern and Lamanayr breed, the foal will be a Northern-Lamanayr hybrid.

If a hybrid breeds, its offspring will just be known as a regular Samanayr, although the foal will likely have some special traits.

Will any of the parent's markings or traits be passed on to the offspring?
Colors and markings are randomly passed down to a foal from both parents, and occasionally from the grandparents. If both parents have a trait the foal will inherit it, and if only one parent has a trait there is a 50% chance the foal will inherit it.

What is the chance of getting a foal from a breeding?
There is a 30% chance of a successful breeding. This percentage can be affected by things such as the species of individuals in the Song and breeding items. For more information, visit the breeding page.

Are Modiems required for a breeding?
Nope! Modiems are an optional item and are not required to apply for a breeding.

How/where do you get modiems?
Modiems can be won in contests, occasionally purchased, and can be traded in Expedition HQ if you have the required points value of tradeable items.

Do animations pass down in breeding?
Not currently.

If I only own one Samanayr can I still breed during breeding season? How do I breed if I don't have a Song?
You can still apply for a breeding if you don't have your own Samanayrs as long as you have permission to use someone else's mare and stallion. The mare and stallion must be in the same Song - Samanayrs cannot breed unless they are in a Song together.

You can also apply for a breeding with Sams in an open Song - they do not require permission from the owners to be applied with. You can search for open Songs in the database.


Do Samanayrs need a Song to breed?
Yes, Samanayrs must be in a Song to breed. Occasionally a mare not in a Song may have an encounter with a Song-less stallion, but this is not the norm.

How do I make a Song? Who needs to create it?
The owner of the stallion needs to create the Song. When logged in to your database account, go to the member area, select 'New Song' from the list on the left, and fill out the form. A Song must be started with at least the stallion and the lead mare, and when new mares are added it's up to the stallion's owner to update the Song information in the database.

Although not required, you can also create a webpage for your Song. For an example of a webpage-based Song, visit the Song of the Restored Oasis.

For more information on creating a Song, visit the breeding page!

Does a Song have to be full to breed, or can there just be one mare and stallion?
A Song doesn't have to be full to participate in breeding rounds. It does need to have the minimum of one stallion and one mare.

Can a Samanayr switch Songs?
Once a Samanayr has joined a Song, it usually remains in the Song for life. A mare might leave a Song due to personality conflicts with other mares, or because she has fallen for another stallion, but this is a very rare occurance. Having a mare switch Songs for one of these reasons would require some RP.

Out-of-character, a mare may leave a Song if the Song's owner is no longer active in the Samanayr community. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Do foals remain in their birth-Song, or do they join or form new Songs?
Once foals are grown, they are required to leave their birth-Song. Young mares and stallions tend to group themselves together in casual 'bachelor Songs' in the time between leaving their birth-Song and before joining their permanent Song.

Can a Song have multiple mares? Multiple stallions?
A Song is limited to a maximum of one stallion and four mares.

Do all members of a Song have to be owned by the same person?
Nope! In fact, it strengthens the Samanayr community as a whole to connect and work together, and a Song where the members are owned by different people is definitely something I encourage.

When a mare joins a Song where the stallion is owned by someone else, the mare and stallion owners need to work together to decide on breeding permissions and availabilities.


Can I get a custom Samanayr?
Yep! Customs are occasionally available in random draws, as prizes for events, or sold for real money.

How much is a custom?
Please see the customs page for pricing information.

How does the custom process work?
It's pretty easy - here's a typical step-by-step process:

  • First, you need to get a custom slot! I announce when these are available on the forum.
  • Once you get a custom slot, you'll need to send me your filled out custom form with how you'd like your Samanayr to look.
  • When I receive your custom form, I will let you know the price and you can send me payment. Your custom will not be completed until payment is received.
  • Once I receive payment, I get drawing! You will be shown a sketch of your Samanayr to approve, and any lineart changes need to be made at that point.
  • When the sketch is approved, I will then ink and color the Samanayr, scan it, and send you the final result!

It's much more difficult to make changes to Samanayrs when they're already finished, so please be as clear as possible when letting me know what you'd like for your custom. If you send me a form saying you want a white Samanayr, and then change your mind when it's finished and decide you wanted a blue Samanayr, unfortunately there's not much I can do. If I make a mistake on your custom, I'm happy to work with you until you're happy with your Samanayr!

How long do customs take?
Customs can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks, based on my workload and availability. When you get a custom slot, you'll be given a time quote, and while I do try to keep within my quoted times, I'll keep you updated if it takes longer than I thought it would.

When purchasing a custom, do species-specific traits count towards my allowed number of traits?
Nope! For example, if you get a custom Lamanayr, it automatically comes with the special traits of wings, black eyes, head tuft, and tufted tail - you would not have to pay extra for those traits, and they would not count towards your trait maximum.

Can I get my Samanayr drawing mailed to me?
If you get a paid custom, you sure can! It'll just cost a little extra to cover the cost of shipping, with the exact cost depending on where you live.

Is there any way to get a free custom?
Free customs are occasionally available in prizes in contests and games!


What inspired you to do the Samanayrs?
Samanayrs first started about 10 years ago, when hand-drawn and unique-posed adoptables were becoming more and more common. I wanted to try doing my own adoptable, and since I didn't like coloring large areas, I decided to make a very small adoptable image.

I can't remember the actual reasoning beyond making the Samanayrs little equines, except that I've always been a My Little Pony fan, and equines were popular at the time.

Why are the Samanayars all hand-drawn and hand-colored?
When I first started making Samanayrs, I only had Paint on my computer, but I did have paper, pencils, and pencil crayons! Although I do have more advanced computer-coloring software now, I still enjoy hand-drawing Samanayrs because it makes each one unique and special (also I am still a beginner and slow at computer-coloring).

Will Samanayrs always be only hand-drawn and colored?
Most likely. Although there's one or two computer-colored Samanayrs out there, I still prefer to do them by hand.

On average, how long does it take you to make one Samanayr?
I tend to do Samanayrs in groups of three or four at a time, so I'm not sure how long it takes to do each one. Since I have to draw, ink, color, scan, and then clean up each one, it does take a while!

Can I guest-color?
No - but you can be a guest artist! I occasionally open applications for guest artists to create Samanayrs. If this is something you're interesed in, keep an eye on the forum!

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