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Song of the Primeval Inheritance
ID: 268 Status: Closed
- Description -

In order to use Sunset please contact Nightfeathers either on PI or on the forums. For permission to use Enchantment, contact Toryn. For permission to use Lash of Summer's Flame, contact LvSoulFriend. Owners of mares in this song need not ask to use Sunset.

- Lead Stallion -
Sunset of the Ancient Canyon
Owned by Nightfeathers
- Lead Mare -
Enchantment of the First Daffodil
Owned by Toryn

- Mares -
Hunt for the Calling Lands
Owned by LostDollie
Lash of Summer's Flame
Owned by LvSoulFriend
Pinnacle of the Towering Inferno
Owned by PookaWitch
- Offspring -
Hoodoo of the Painted Badlands
Foal of Pinnacle of the Towering Inferno
Not currently in a Song
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